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Afro-american stepmother and white adopted daughter dance
Girl relaxes listening to music at home with headphones
 young couple showing tango moves on white background
Business people with headset work in the office to support a remote client or colleague. Call center, telemarketing, customer support provide telephone video conferencing services.
Portrait of a young man looking at the camera, thinking with concentration, raising his index finger, an idea has appeared. A man in the studio on a green screen. Slow motion. Vertical video.
stop pandemic doctor hands covid-19 vaccine dose
Young girl in glasses making notes in diary, doing homework, distance learning
Male hunter in camouflage, armed with a rifle. A hunter aims a hunting rifle.
Crop view of young beautiful woman making proposal online while sitting on couch at home. Attractive woman rejoicing while holding wedding ring and looking at laptop screen.
Video of couple viewing old photos while moving house. Shot with RED helium camera in 8K.
Online learning woman making notes at desk. Remote learning lessons from home
tokyo, japan - october 25 2019: Pan right video of people and cars waiting at fire of the crossing of JR Shinjuku East Exit Station Square wet by rain and reflecting illuminated skyscrapers at night.
Close-up portrait of angry furious Caucasian man screaming in office indoors. Stressed overwhelmed male employee or manager yelling and holding head in hands with blurred colleagues at background.
Person placing decorative Chilean flag toothpicks into piece of red meat.
Female Choosing Wallpapers in Building Store
A happy woman and her daughter lie together on a bed, take selfies on a smartphone, or communicate via video link with their father or grandmother.
A girl draws cartoons in a paper notebook for guests at the event. Shooting from behind the shoulder
Cherry Brossom Blooming in Oncheoncheon Stream, Busan, South Korea, Asia.
Person placing decorative Uzbek flag toothpicks into piece of red meat.
Woman hand preparing fresh salad at home. Family have dinner in the kitchen
Vertical shot Close up doctor showing small bottle of hand alcohol antibacterial sanitizer
Slow motion of young man hanging from the zip line and swings at Kope, Slovenia.
Male hand holds screwdriver and turns metal screw in door lock.
Working mother talking on phone, ignoring lonely son, eating breakfast at table
Cheerful American business team posing with national flag in office. Portrait of happy smiling men and woman holding USA national symbol looking at camera rejoicing success. Patriotism and business.
Man working on computer keyboard with graphic of internet network modernization
woman spinning around in a beautiful white dress, on white background
Elderly old grandfather, along with blonde granddaughter, asks and learns how to use computer applications. Focused young girl explaining laptop software to an interested retired grandfather.
Person placing decorative Uruguayan flag toothpicks into piece of red meat.
Silhouette Young business man looking through the documents.
Sick blond lady in scarf coughing and working on laptop, freelance and pandemic
Girl driving her car in motion close-up, hands on the steering wheel
A happy mature older woman starting her workday at home.
Womens circle. Psychological meeting of women of different ages. Conference or seminar on the topic of psychology and psychotherapy
Man throwing plastic box to woman on top of pile.
Close up photo of ultrasound scanner in the hands of male African American doctor. Diagnostics. Sonography. Modern ultrasound machine on the blurred background
Healthcare, ultrasound concept. Close up cropped shot of hands of male African doctor, screening of pregnant woman by ultrasound scan, pushing buttons on control panel. Focus on hand on buttons
fitness at home, young sportive woman doing exercises at home, sports during quarantine and self-isolation, body care
Hunter man with gun walking through the forest during the hunting season.
Couple dancing on the observation deck near the ancient church of Sveti Savva in Montenegro
Cheerful woman pointing thumb aside behind her back.
Overworked tired older lady having eyesight problem after computer work.
Cherry blossom Blooming in Oncheoncheon Stream, Busan, South Korea, Asia.
Person placing decorative Swiss flag toothpicks into piece of red meat.
Female scientist making experiments to detect virus in blood, developers of potential medicines and vaccines against COVID-19
Silhouette A male chef isolated smiling to camera.
Active schoolgirl in black headphones dances with smile
Positive young woman laughing and drinking beer from glass while looking at laptop screen. Positive female person in stylish clothes communicating online while sitting on couch.
The woman holds a bucket of cleaning tools in her hand and makes a gesture of ok
Close up view of young cheerful afro american man looking to camera. Portrait of handsome male person with neckerchief posing and laughing in cafe. Blurred background.
Beautiful shot of a professional athlete diving into a swimming pool. Professional swimmers competition concept. Concept of sports activity, determination, workout, healthy lifestyle.
male and woman colleagues discuss working process. warehouse coworkers looking
Dad is circling his beloved daughter in sun. Happy family, dad and daughter are playing in field at sunset. Father and little daughter are having fun together. Happy family and healthy childhood
Creative visual of business people in corporate staff meeting
Europe, Italy , Milan April 2021 - lifestyle in downtown of the city empty of people during Covid-19 Coronavirus lockdown quarantine home - closed shop, restaurant and pub in Galleria Meravigli
Young girl enjoying fresh juice, smiling during breakfast, healthy balanced meal
covid-19 immunization doctor hands vaccine dose
young couple showing dance moves on white background
Woman Shopping for Bedding at Furniture Store
body care skin moisturizing woman applying lotion
Taipei, Taiwan- 8 June, 2019: Crowd of people walking and shopping at Ximending street market at night in Taipei, Taiwan. Ximending is the famous fashion, night Market and street food in Taipei.
pretty tender woman is lying on floor in room, looking at camera, beautiful innocent eyes
A successful businessman puts on boxing gloves while standing in a boxing ring.
Sleepy girl yawning while doing homework in front of laptop, feeling tired
The process of making a dental prosthesis in a dental laboratory.
Woman looking at kitesurf sails lying on a meadow
A man begins to smile happily, raises his hands in front of him, palms up. A man in the studio against the background of a green screen, a chroma key. Unexpected meeting. Slow motion. Vertical video.
Woman reading book in library. Portrait college lady flips pages. Female book
Person placing decorative French flag toothpicks into piece of red meat.
The girl gently presses her face to her lover. Shooting two lovers in close-up
Mature senior tailor wearing medical facemask sews with vintage sewing machine
Taipei, Taiwan- 8 June, 2019: Crowd of people walking and shopping at Ximending street market at night in Taipei, Taiwan. Ximending is the famous fashion, night Market and street food in Taipei.
Defocused shot of company of friends toasting with drinks while having outdoor dinner party on pier with scenic lake in the background
A man and a woman are standing and texting on a smartphone. A woman is looking at her mans phone. They are standing on a green background. Green screen. 4K
Young woman performs a Covid-19 antigen self-test
Authentic portrait caucasian little infant chubby baby girl or boy in pink sleepy upon waking looking at camera smiling cute and grimaces in white bed. Child care, Childhood, Parenthood, life concept
Foz do Arelho, Portugal
Creative visual of business people in corporate staff meeting
Girl driving her car in motion close-up, hands on the steering wheel
people resting on catamarans resting on board at sunny day
roman gaurd talking outside
Loving mother showing cute daughter how to knead dough, cooking together
The process of making a dental prosthesis in a dental laboratory.
Portrait of a young woman with a pretty face
School children are walking towards a yellow building. They will be learning about flour production today.
A guide is showing a wooden mill to the kids who come into the building.
Friendship, family, education - Two smiling preshool, toddler children read large interesting book of fairy tales on yellow bed. Siblings little twins reader have fun, happy kids on quarantine at home
Woman makes video call with friends with laptop looking at the computer at home
Vertical shot Tired sleepy female vlogger yawns during videochat at home, webcam view
Business Background.Unrecognizable people in a modern business center.Blurred video
Coastline of Beach Resort with Palm Trees, Coastal Hotels, Zanzibar, Low Flight
Crop dentist taking dental mould from heater
A man puts slices of sausage on a pizza base. Cooking ingredients are laid out nearby. Making pizza at home. Close-up shot.
A young man puts on a blue medical mask. Young guy putting on a mask
passionate couple dancing classical dance
Unrecognizable people who are holding a business meeting or negotiation. Blurry defocused video. Business theme background
Happy family mom and little girl. Mother holds babygirl in her hands, outdoors
Crop dentist painting dental bridge with ceramics
Friesian Parsley with Water Splashing on Black Background, Slow Motion 4K
Anonymous man walking on snowy path

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