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Happy young multiethnic romantic couple standing at a small sunny balcony using smartphone social network apps smiling.
Back view happy romantic couple sitting at a small New York apartment balcony, kissing and taking smartphone selfie.
Back view happy romantic couple sitting at a small New York apartment balcony, taking smartphone selfie and having fun.
Happy European female freelance worker with shopping bags in sunglasses smiling, using smartphone app in New York City.
Medium shot of successful cheerful female business coach speaking to inspire office workers at marketing company team meeting. Attractive Caucasian businesswoman encouraging and motivating colleagues.
Cheerful happy female executive inspiring and encouraging happy multiethnic colleagues at meeting in modern loft office.
Happy attractive Caucasian young woman with shopping bags in sunglasses looking up, using smartphone app in New York.
Happy Asian manager doing very funny celebration dance walk in modern office, multi-ethnic colleagues clap and laugh 4K.
Young happy businessman doing victory dance, celebrating team success with mixed race employees in modern office 4K.
Diverse group of friends at a house party. Casual conversation at the kitchen table. Multi ethnic young people. 4K.
Happy romantic couple sitting at a small sunny balcony, taking smartphone photos of amazing Manhattan view in New York.
Back view happy young couple sitting at a small sunny summer New York apartment balcony, taking smartphone selfie.
Happy friends sitting close together at a small apartment balcony, using smartphone, enjoying Manhattan view, New York.
Happy young family standing together at a small sunny balcony, seen through apartment window, using smartphone app.
Happy smiling romantic couple standing at a small sunny balcony, view through apartment window, using smartphones.
Happy attractive female CEO using smartphone e-commerce app near steaming street food vendor in evening New York City.
Happy excited Caucasian female blogger in sunglasses using smartphone shopping app, touching hair in summer New York.
Happy multiethnic young business people brainstorm together by the table in friendly atmosphere of healthy workplace.
Drone flying backwards above beautiful exotic sea shore with tropical trees and houses, revealing big foaming waves.
Happy successful businessman dancing crazy at fun corporate celebration party with workplace friends slow motion 4K.
Two young European friends cooperate by the table at trendy office. Handsome employee sharing thoughts with female boss.
Cheerful happy business coach woman inspiring mixed race team members at meeting in modern loft healthy office close-up.
Close-up of successful confident businesswoman talking to multiethnic workers at company team training seminar session.
Happy African American man gives high fives to office colleagues. Celebrating business success with joyful dance 4K.
Happy multiethnic business people meeting in office. Female manager gives documents to employees at trendy workplace 4K.
Happy female boss leading office meeting. Multiethnic employees listening to manager instructions in modern coworking 4K
Beautiful European female business coach motivates office workers. Woman boss gives instructions to multiethnic team 4K.
Camera follows happy Asian man doing funny victory celebration dance walk in office, colleagues clap and laugh 4K.
Happy female boss leading office team meeting. Multiethnic colleagues listening to boss directions, looking at chart 4K.
Woman  working on tablet, sketches in a notebook. green screen
Clouds floating in high mountains in Switzerland . Time lapse
Tourist lady with bicycle takes photos on bridge. Female with long hair and flowers photographs beautiful river scenery.
Slow motion man stretching legs at beautiful lake. Back view free male athlete enjoying morning exercise at countryside.
Father straightens big headphones on a little boy who looks attentively something on a computer monitor sitting in chair
Young happy romantic couple having coffee at lovely apartment balcony with bronze metallic mugs, hug, talk and smile.
Cheerful multiethnic business people dance together at healthy office teambuilding party, celebrate success slow motion.
Beautiful multiethnic couple enjoying morning with coffee, smiling at each other on small sunny balcony in New York.
Happy successful multiethnic business people joining hands, encouraged by Caucasian female team leader at meeting.
Successful Caucasian businessman with coffee standing and using smartphone at Manhattan skyline, New York, slow motion.
Happy excited businessman walks into modern office doing funny celebration dance, multi-ethnic workers clap slow motion.
Happy African American businessman enters office, celebrates victory with crazy dance, high-fives colleagues slow motion
Cheerful African American manager dancing in circle with colleagues at fun casual office celebration party slow motion.
Happy young friends sit together at a small New York balcony, view from apartment window, using smartphone shopping app.
Amazing panning shot of excited Caucasian young tourist woman with smartphone in sunglasses looking around in New York.
Happy beautiful Caucasian female blogger using smartphone shopping app near street food truck with pretzels in New York.
Young European woman listening to her man. Couple standing together at a small romantic sunny balcony in New York.
Happy excited multiethnic business people joining hands celebrating corporate team victory and success at office meeting
Happy European male tourist comes up to river embankment near Brooklyn Bridge, New York, takes photo and smiles 4K.
Beautiful Caucasian woman stands using smartphone messenger app at Brooklyn Bridge, New York amazing skyline panorama 4K
Young Caucasian male executive doing a funny victory dance at fun casual office party, celebrate business achievement 4K
Happy Caucasian female executive doing funny victory dance. Mixed race colleagues celebrate business success together 4K
Friendly female manager helping multiethnic colleagues. Woman team leader shows new data on tablet to office workers 4K.
Beautiful manager woman walks into job interview office. Young Asian man applying for a new position talks to HR 4K.
Happy successful businesswoman talking to multiethnic colleagues at corporate board meeting by the table close-up.
Cheerful African American female manager brainstorming with happy multiethnic colleagues in modern loft healthy office.
Successful female business coach inspiring multiethnic workers at meeting by the table in modern light office close-up.
Happy attractive Caucasian businesswoman with shopping bags chatting with friends on smartphone social app in New York.
Happy beautiful Caucasian businesswoman with shopping bags in sunglasses using smartphone app near Empire State Building
Unrecognisable female boss motivates workers at multiethnic office team meeting. Diverse group at modern workplace 4K.
Multiethnic team meeting at modern loft office. Back view female leader giving instructions to diverse colleagues 4K.
Confident female manager gives directions to colleagues. Caucasian businesswoman leading multiethnic office meeting 4K.
Funny crazy dancing businessman celebrating victory with excited multi-ethnic colleagues in modern light office 4K.
African American male and female employees doing funny ethnic dance moves at office party with multiethnic colleagues 4K
Happy female business coach gives guides to employees. Multiethnic teamwork by the table at office board meeting 4K.
Camera follows European female boss exiting multi-ethnic modern office, doing crazy dance walk of success and victory 4K
Camera follows woman leader motivating workers. Female boss walks and talks to mixed race colleagues in trendy office 4K
Camera follows female boss encouraging workers. Woman executive visits mixed race colleagues in modern office space 4K.
Camera follows businesswoman in office, moves on through trendy modern coworking. Happy multiethnic business people 4K.
Dolly shot of multiethnic business meeting in modern office. Young successful European businessman using smartphone 4K.
Small architectural company working at project. Creative business meeting of young mixed race team in modern office.
Tourist lady with bicycle takes photos on bridge. Cute Caucasian female photographs magnificent old town architecture 4K
View of rear doors and flashing lights of emergency service ambulance moving away from accident scene at nighttime.
Close-up happy Japanese young employee listening and laughing together with colleagues at multiethnic office meeting.
Beautiful young romantic couple standing together, enjoying talking at a small sunny balcony with lovely New York view.
Female team leader explains diagram sheet to male employee. Multiethnic team meeting at modern loft healthy workplace.
Successful beautiful female CEO businesswoman talking to employees at multiracial team meeting in modern loft office.
Happy multiethnic office workers laugh together by the table during team business meeting at modern healthy workplace.
Beautiful Caucasian businesswoman in stylish sunglasses stands using smartphone messenger app at Brooklyn Bridge 4K.
Successful European businessman smiling, using smart watch to communicate at epic Manhattan skyline, New York City.
Happy relaxed multiethnic romantic couple sitting close together at a lovely sunny morning balcony in New York.
Successful beautiful European businesswoman in glasses leading a multiethnic team meeting by the table in modern office.
A view of attractive stressed busy Caucasian woman riding up in transparent elevator using smartphone mobile office app.
Excited man entering multiethnic office, doing funny celebration dance to share success with colleagues slow motion.
Teamwork in modern healthy workplace. Multiethnic business people cooperate, discuss projects in friendly atmosphere.
Beautiful young man and woman sitting barefoot close together talking with coffee at a lovely sunny apartment balcony.
Happy successful European freelance worker walking along epic Manhattan skyline in New York with coffee and smartphone.
Close-up happy confident Japanese young professional businessman listening and smiling at multiethnic office meeting.
Happy African American employee doing funny winner dance in modern office, gives high-five to colleague slow motion.
European female boss gives guides to employees, types on laptop by the table. Multiethnic teamwork at office meeting.
Positive female business coach gives directions to multiethnic team. Young woman boss leads office meeting slow motion. Confident happy businesswoman motivates employees in modern healthy workplace.
Confident Caucasian female business coach gives directions to happy multiethnic employees at office meeting slow motion.
Happy Japanese office worker doing very funny victory dance walk in modern loft office celebrating success slow motion.
Slow motion. Man running away into foggy forest. Escaping trouble. Exploring mysterious deep woods. Lonely runaway.
Drone flying backwards above breathtaking sea waves with white foam near beautiful exotic coastline with tropical trees.
Beautiful smiling European girl sending messages to friends using smartphone messenger app traveling on the train.
Beautiful local European businesswoman using smartphone messenger app near a steaming street food truck in New York City
Happy Caucasian businesswoman in sunglasses using smartphone messenger app in New York street with USA flags slow motion
Happy Japanese employee doing funny dance moves at casual office celebration party. Team celebrates success slow motion.
Excited multiethnic business people dance in circle at office teambuilding party, celebrating achievements slow motion.
Happy successful European freelance worker with coffee using smartphone messenger app, looking around and walking away.

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